Your Guide To Staying On Track During The Holidays

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

‘Tis the season … in which most people panic about all the delicious big meals they are about to devour!

I get it! It is tough to say "no" this time of year.

  • Your place of work most likely has some sugary sweets laying around.

  • You have a whole schedule full of festivities where massive of amounts of calories will be just waiting for you to consume.

  • You may be on the road with no way to have everything you (think) you need to adhere to your healthy lifestyle.

What If I told you that you only had two options on how you tackle the holidays...

The first option would be to CHOOSE to wind down and enjoy this time of year OR The second option is one in which CHOOSE to be full of anxiety, stress, and fear.

All the things you struggle with in terms of "dieting" are all put right in front of you these next couple of weeks. I'm here to tell you that with a positive attitude and a bit of planning, the holiday season will be a BREEZE!

8 Steps To A Happy and Healthy Holiday


Overeating is inevitable if you plan on heading into a holiday dinner very hungry. The day of the big holiday feast, be extra cautious of what eat beforehand but do not starve yourself. If you're hungry before the party, go ahead and a meal filled with protein and veggies. This is so that when you arrive at the party, you are already somewhat full and won't want to "pig out".

SLOW DOWN… Just because it is being offered on the table does not mean you have to eat it. Prioritize the foods you do not get to eat often (like grandma's special recipe for example) and only eat what you really enjoy.

If you don’t love gravy, why eat it? If grandma's stuffing has been on your mind all year, eat more of that! If you aren’t a big drinker, pass on grandpa's wine and have yourself an extra piece of cake! Stack up on protein, but maybe go light on the pasta.

Keep in mind that your eyes tend to be larger than your stomach. What I mean is that seeing or smelling all that yummy food may trick your brain into thinking it is more hungry than it really is.

BE MINDFUL… When dinner is served, start with a modest portion and be sure to eat somewhat slowly. Now, I know that's not the end of your feast for the night. Just give yourself a couple hours before you dig in for seconds or even thirds.

If you want to go as far as measuring your good, your hands are a great tool to ensure you are not overdoing it.

Your palm determines your protein portions (turkey, ham, etc.) Your fist determines your veggie portions

Your cupped hand determines your carb portions, use this for sides (potatoes, rice, etc.) Your thumb determines your fat portions (gravy, dressings, etc.)

MODIFY… I do NOT advise you to ask your wife, mom, or grandma to change their menu. Instead, bring a dish that you'd feel good about eating and share it with the other guests. There are countless ways to make your favorite holiday foods into a calorie-friendly option. especially for breakfast! Follow me on instagram for fun and healthy recipe ideas. The possibilities are endless with just a bit of brainstorming!