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I am the Founder & Owner of Gerardi Performance, LLC. I graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with my Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and am currently  in pursuit of my doctorate degree in physical therapy degree. I am also a certified Pain Free Performance Specialist.


My ideal client is anyone with a goal, a positive attitude, and a willingness to work hard. That’s really it. Everybody is different and every body is different, so my personalized fitness programs are catered to each of my client’s individual needs.     
Fitness to me isn't just about building muscle and looking nice, it's about
building confidence, a personality, and life-long relationships with people who want to better themselves. Surrounding myself wi
th positive people has really helped me better my life, both physically and mentally.                          

When I'm not in the gym, working, or studying, you can find me out with my friends grabbing a drink or a bite to eat. It's all about balance! 

Want to learn more about me and how I help my clients ? Click HERE

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