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Intense Barbell-Only Shoulder Workout for Mass & Big Traps

If you're fortunate enough to have a barbell and plates at your home along with some determination this workout is for you. I've had enough of doing bodyweight workouts and decided to get creative with a barbell and 45 pound plates. I challenged myself with a different shoulder workout than what I am used to. It can't be a great shoulder workout routine unless you hit all areas of the deltoid - anterior, medial, and posterior. Try this minimal equipment shoulder workout to get those 3D shoulders poppin'.

Barbell Only Shoulder Workout for Mass Standing Overhead Press (4 x 15): This will be the compound movement of the workout. It targets all three parts the deltoid muscles and also acts upon the core musculature. If you are able to do 5 heavy sets of 5 reps, you may also do that.

Barbell or Plate Front Raises (4 x 10): Perform this exercise with a weight that is challenging enough, but does not force you to do cheat reps. Perform 10 controlled reps up to about shoulder level, focusing on the mind-muscle connection as always.

Upright Rows (4 x 10): Not usually a fan of this exercise, but in these times we have to make do with what we have. This exercise will target the delts as well as the trapezius muscles.

Over Behind Press (4 x 12): Time under tension is the focus with this exercise. It will target both the front and rear delts as well as engage the traps a bit. We are going with a higher rep count with these as the goal is to have the highest duration of time under tension as possible here.

Landmine Lateral Raises (4 x 15): Landmine lateral raises are for a switch up from your everyday dumbbell lateral raises. For this exercise, use either use just the bar or 5lb plates to start.

Barbell Shrugs (4 x 10): If you're like me and love isolating the traps, these last sets are for you. Leave your ego at the door and perform 4 sets of 10 slow and controlled reps with your hands just outside your thighs. Focus on the mind-muscle connection and feel the burn!

Take away from this workout is that you do not need a whole gym of equipment to get a good workout in. A single barbell can provide a great pump and even better sweat as you'll find out if you try this shoulder workout. Be sure to follow me on Instagram @gerardiperformance and subscribe to my YouTube Channel Gerardi Performance for more workout tips and information!

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