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Bodyweight Only Full-Body Workout | 6 Pack Abs

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

If you do not have access to gym equipment, have a busy schedule, are traveling, or just want a quick sweat, it is your lucky day! I am going to share with you a fully body and abs workout that only requires...YOUR BODYWEIGHT! Yep, this means you can do this exercise in your living room, bedroom, park, work, wherever you can find the room! Meaning this can be done from your living room or the park or wherever you want! 

The workout is made up of 6 exercises, each to be performed for 25 repetitions followed by a 20 second rest. You will go one by one through all six exercises and when you have completed 25 reps and 20 seconds of rest for each exercise, you have completed one round. Once all 6 exercises are completed, that is one round. Complete for a total of 3 rounds... or more if you aren’t gassed by the end (you should be if you push yourself)!

The Workout:

Jumping Jacks (25 reps, followed by a 20 second rest)

Squat Jumps (25 reps, followed by by a 20 second rest)

Crunches (25 reps, followed by by a 20 second rest)

Side Lunges (25 reps, followed by by a 20 second rest)

Plank to Pushup (25 reps, followed by a 20 second rest)

Mountain Climbers (25 reps, followed by  a 20 second rest)

Give this workout a try and be sure to follow me on instagram @gerardiperformance for DAILY free workouts!

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